Chapter 789 His Slender Fingers Touched Bianca’s Face

Luke had been sleeping for two days. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Bianca holding his hand. The curtains were half-drawn, and the sunlight that came through the window created mottled patterns on the floor. He could hear birds chirping outside. His hand was slightly cool. The soft and tender hand that enveloped his hand was warmer, and it carried a familiar fragrance. Bianca looked at Luke in a daze. He had been unconscious for two days, but for Bianca, it might as well have been two years. The stray strands of his mustache were like sprouts next to his lips. He seemed unkempt. He was not in his best condition, though his gaze was animated. As their eyes met, Bianca greedily relished the fact that Luke was filled with vigor once more. Her eyes misted up. She grasped his hand tightly and said softly, "You're finally awake, Luke. How are your injuries? Does it hurt?" Luke looked at her determinedly. "It doesn't hurt. I'm fine. It's only a minor inj

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