Chapter 790 He Is A Disaster

Bianca was not interested in getting into such meaningless quibbles with Mavis. Moreover, Luke really needed to rest. She indicated to Mavis to step outside of the ward to talk. After they went out, Bianca gently closed the door so that Luke would not be bothered by what was happening outside. Mavis glared at Bianca, angry at her ingratitude. How could she be in the mood to eat tarts when the CEO was so heavily injured? If it were her, she would have been so worried that she would not be able to eat or sleep. Mr. Crawford's love was wasted on Bianca Rayne! Mavis pressed her crimson lips together, and her beautiful face was wracked with anger. "Why do you have the appetite to eat now, Ms. Rayne? T Corporation is in chaos now, and the CEO is seriously injured. You look so relaxed when everyone else is so worried!" The sarcasm in her words was palpable. Bianca leaned on the wall and gave Mavis a side-eye. "In your opinion, Ms. Laviere, how should I react to this situation?

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