Chapter 788 She Seemed Frail but Strong at the Press Conference

Bianca faced the reporters' antagonistic questions by brushing away her sideburns and speaking in a solemn voice. "No words can express the guilt in my heart while faced with such a major tragedy. As the owner of The Galleria, I admit that T Corporation cannot shirk our responsibility in this incident. However, we cannot conclude if there is an element of sabotage in the accident. We have already set up a special task force that will cooperate with the police on the investigations. I would advise the general public not to worry. The investigative process shall be fully transparent, and we will give everyone a satisfactory explanation!" After she said that, there was a commotion among the reporters. The reporters jostled among each other to be the first to ask questions. They bombarded Bianca with all sorts of weird and tricky questions. They lifted their microphones as high as they could and shouted their questions out loud. The scene at the press conference was utterly chaot

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