Chapter 787 She Did a 90-Degree Bow To The Crowd

T Corporation’s press conference. In the washroom. Bianca looked at herself in the mirror. Her clean face was pale and haggard, while her messy long hair was casually draped over her chest. The fitted suit wrapped her slender body perfectly. Bianca tied her hair up into a ponytail, and she gently stroked the diamond necklace on her chest. It had been a wedding gift from Luke. At this point in time, it gave her unlimited courage and confidence. She smiled at herself, rinsed her face with cold water, and cheered herself on! It was just a press conference. She would get it done for her husband. … Outside. Whether it was the authoritative media companies or the small media outlets that usually survived on entertainment news, all of the influential media in A City was present. Even some well-known international news media had rushed over. All of the channels that originally broadcasted dramas or entertainment channels all switched to the live

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