Chapter 738 Have You Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Company?

Inside the interrogation room. The lighting was not too bright, but it was a little glaring. There was only one table and three chairs in the interrogation room. Leia sat at the far end and in front of her were two seated police officers who looked particularly serious. No matter how they questioned Leia, she would not give them any answer other than she did not know. The incandescent light made Leia's already pale face look even paler, like a ghoul. Even though the two police officers had questioned her till their mouths were dry, she just remained silent the whole time. They looked at each other and felt that there was no need to ask her any further, so they said to her, "Ms. Norman, follow us to do a urine test. The test results will tell us whether you took the drugs.” Leia sneered, and her tone sounded strange when she said, "If the test results show that I didn’t take any drugs, it means that you guys have arrested an innocent person. If that’s the case, how are you going

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