Chapter 737 He Won’t Forgive Anyone!

Leia's sharp nails dug into her palm. She tried her best to remain calm and not let everyone see that she was panicking. However, her slightly trembling shoulders betrayed her composure. Queenie grabbed Leia's shoulder and asked her agonizingly, "Tell me, Leia. You didn't take illegal drugs, right?" Leia's fragile visage was instantly shrouded by a thin layer of tears when she heard her mother's question. "Don't you know my character, Mom? I've always been so timid, and I wouldn't even dare to kill an ant. Do you think that I would take illegal drugs? Everyone else can accuse me of wrongdoing, but you're my mother!" Her sickly demeanor and unrelenting questions made Queenie feel bad that she had even suspected her daughter the slightest. Bianca smirked when she saw Leia's act. 'Not bad. No wonder she can be an actress,' she thought. 'If she had employed her talents in her career, she might have become a famous movie star by now. 'Too bad, her talents are used at all the w

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