Chapter 739 Luke's Unquestionable Order

Bianca was on the road, driving. When she was waiting at the red light, she was thinking about what Bridget had said. Bridget had asked, "Bianca, you’ve always been talented in design and you’re extremely intelligent. Why would you ever settle to be an ordinary housewife? "Didn't you use to dream of being the best architect in the world? You know how humans are. Once they get into a comfortable environment for a long time, it’s easy to fall into complacency. They’d still be okay if they had strong self-control and restraint. Otherwise, they would just be content with their lives and not do anything to better themselves. "Bianca, I think that with the talent you have, whether it’s your natural talent or what you’ve refined throughout the years, it’s more than enough for you to start your own company. You should give it a try because we should use our time while we're still young to work hard. Otherwise, we’d only regret it if we wait until we’re too old.” The truth was, Bianca had n

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