Chapter 670 Only He Knew That His Heart Was Beating Rapidly

Moscow. The cold winter wind whistled past the thriving city, and heavy snow covered the city in a silvery blanket. The pure-white snowflakes that were scattered in the air brought light to the dimly lit city. It was an especially cold night, and there were not many pedestrians walking on the streets. It was rare that the bustling city got so quiet. A sleek black Bentley limousine drove on the snow-covered streets, unhindered by the heavy snowfall. In a dark alley, several tall and burly hooligans in tattered clothes and wielding weapons drooled as they stared lecherously at two beautiful foreign young women. Snowflakes landed on the girls' long hair and melted. Their curvaceous bodies could be vaguely seen under their thick down jackets. It was a tantalizing sight. The hooligans exchanged glances, flashed a perverted smile, and spoke teasingly in Russian, "These two chicks are not bad. It's been a long time since I've tasted foreign flesh. They look small and cute, but

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