Chapter 671 Bring Our Daughter Back From the Crawford Family

T Corporation. Bianca named the development project Longing Greens. She was longing for a man, waiting for a man. The man was the indelible mark in her heart. Her heart was like a barren field, and he was like the rain. When Longing Greens would be completed in the future, she hoped that her rain would come back to her too. … Construction work on Longing Greens started, but T Corporation faced another problem. They had temporarily removed themselves from the collaboration project with Vivi Group because of certain problems. Now that news about Luke's death had spread, Vivi Group took the opportunity to seek compensation from T Corporation for breaching the contract. Bianca was not going to let Vivi Group get what they wanted. She immediately called an emergency meeting and decided that they would pursue all legal avenues. While legal proceedings were ongoing, T Corporation ran into problems with its funding chain. Without funding, construction work on Longing Greens

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