Chapter 669 Grabbed Her Arm and Flung Her Away!

Kassy knew that Luke was extremely charming even when he was unconscious. When he opened his eyes, the world seemed to have lost all color. His gaze was ice-cold, but it was stunning! Kassy's heart started to beat faster as she looked into the man's bewitching eyes. She produced a clear crystal ball in her right hand. The crystal ball emanated a warm yet dazzling glow. Luke's sharp gaze became unfocused when he looked at the crystal ball. "Relax your body. You are now floating in a warm and endless ocean. The gentle moonlight envelops this beautiful world. You can hear the waves gently lapping on the beach. See the moon rising about the wisp-like clouds in the sky. Shh… do you hear the seagulls? Relax. You are in a comfortable state…" The man on the bed seemed to be hypnotized. Kassy smiled and brazenly caressed the man's handsome face. "Luke Crawford, CEO of T Corporation. Your reputation precedes you. I've never been interested in businessmen, but you've successfully piqu

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