Chapter 666 It Was Her Father

Bianca did not expect to see Jack Norman when their car passed through the town where the project was located. Jack was wearing a casual farming uniform and leading a group of officials to the countryside. He had his sleeves rolled up as he led the way. He was talking to the villagers in a kind voice and had a friendly presence. He even occasionally bent over to help the villagers pick vegetables. Bianca was sitting in the car where she saw him through the window. There was an indescribable warm feeling growing in her heart. It was her father. Only when the car drove far away and Jack was the size of an ant did Bianca turn away. … Bianca took the project managers to the destination proposed by Zayne in his bidding proposal to survey the place. The location that Zayne mentioned was a barren mountain in Bay Town that had not been mined before. The area was about several thousand acres and was about six kilometers away from the famous Deer River, a loca

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