Chapter 665 Can You Tell Me When Will Your Dad Be Back?

Tina brought Zayne to Bianca and the two had a long conversation in her office. They went on and on. In the end, Bianca decided to go for a site visit the next day to have a look at the promising projects that Zayne had proposed. ... At night. Bianca was exhausted when she arrived home, but the moment she saw Tommy, all the exhaustion disappeared. Tommy looked a lot like Luke. Whether it was his dark eyes, tall nose, and pink mouth, they all looked like his father’s features. The baby got his long and dense eyelashes as well as pale skin from Bianca. "My sweet boy, did you behave today? Did you miss me?" Bianca took off her jacket before gently lifting Tommy out of the cradle while talking to him. At the same time, she asked the caretaker, "How was Tommy today?" "Ga-ga..." Tommy seemed to be responding to Bianca. He grinned at her and then spat out some milk bubbles. "No, no, Madam, your baby was wonderful. He didn’t cry all day long. He loves to

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