Chapter 664 Bianca’s Strong Presence!

T Corporation. Bianca looked at T Corporation’s financial statements sent by Mr. Doyle. She frowned slightly as she went through the reports. During her recovery period, T Corporation had no leader. Even though Mr. Doyle did his best, it was still not enough to turn things around. T Corporation's shares had been falling sharply to the lowest they had ever been. Perhaps due to a lack of motivation, the overall performance of the company had been in decline. As she stared at the thick stack of documents that were filled with bad news, Bianca could not help but rub her tired temples. Everything felt so hard. Now she fully understood how busy Luke had been as the boss of the corporation and how exhausting his work was. She felt helpless. She did not understand why Luke would leave her, someone who had not stepped foot into the corporate world, a multinational company. She was under a lot of pressure, and sometimes, she even wanted to give up on herse

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