Chapter 667 He Would Do His Best To Help His Daughter

Bianca's decision annoyed several of the project managers. However, they knew that it was not the right time to refute her. They held in their anger and went on with the so-called field survey. Zayne admired Bianca. Bianca was not afraid of hardships and easily made her way through the mountain. He suddenly smiled when he looked at her thin but strong back. When Mr. Crawford was still around, Zayne had mentioned this project to him. Mr. Crawford thought that the plan was feasible and asked him to prepare a detailed bidding proposal, but before he could even give the proposal to Mr. Crawford, something happened to him. Unexpectedly, his wife shared the same opinion as him. Even though everyone opposed the project, she went forward with it firmly. Luke would be proud of his courageous wife! … Noon. Bianca and the others dined in the folk houses at the foot of the mountain. Although the scenery of Bay Town was beautiful, it was located in a remote

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