Chapter 658 Blind The Eyes Of All The Shareholders!

Bianca remained calm as the discussion went on. She tapped the desk with a pen at random intervals, saying in an indifferent tone, "Are you done? If you’re done, please take a look at the e-invite for the meeting." "How ridiculous! A woman who doesn’t respect the time of others wants to be an acting CEO?" Jenson raised his voice and said in an unforgiving tone. As he said that, he checked his email. When he saw that the meeting time was 10:06 a.m., he was stunned. He then glanced at Bianca and thought, ‘So what?’ When Luke was around, they would always start the meeting at 10:00 a.m. sharp. They were all used to the meeting time. The former CEO was very punctual and spoke out against people who were late. Previously, a shareholder took advantage of his long-standing relationship with Luke and was late for a meeting for a few minutes. As a result, Luke kicked him out. Old Master Crawford had tried to talk him out of it but it did not work. Now, the ne

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