Chapter 659 She’s About To Give Birth

Bianca was shocked when she heard the news from Gordan. Her emotionless face finally displayed a hint of joy. "Gordan, is it true? Luke is still alive? Where is he now? Are you sure that man is Luke? If it is him, why hasn't he come home yet?" Her anxious attitude and eager face made Gordan feel bad. He handed a pile of documents to Bianca, gulped, and said, "Bianca, I'm not sure if the person in the photo is Luke. There’s no conclusive evidence yet." Bianca looked at the pictures. The pictures were blurry, so she could only see the figure of a tall and thin man who stood tall. The man had his back to the camera and was wearing a cap, so she could not see the man's face at all. Bianca looked at the picture and stroked the figure on it. She did not speak for a long time. Maybe it was because she missed Luke too much, so as she looked at the figure, she thought that it could be him. "Based on the investigation, this man was in a vegetative sta

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