Chapter 657 You Should Stay At Home!

Back at the secretaries' office, Annette saw that everyone was busy at work. She smacked her table to get everyone's attention, then said exaggeratedly, "Hey, I have some juice news to tell all of you! Just now, I saw the acting CEO reprimanding Ms. Laviere! She even said that Ms. Laviere's bid proposal is imperfect. What a joke! No one in T Corporation dares to question Ms. Laviere's capabilities. Who does that newbie think she is?" The other two secretaries covered their mouths and chuckled when they heard Annette's description. Only Tina continued typing in front of her computer, fully focused on her work. Secretary A stretched, yawned, and took out a powder puff to apply some make-up to her face. "Does she think that she's the CEO just by sitting in that chair? Can she even stay in that chair for long?" "Who knows? I saw that she signed many contracts and documents, but I'm sure that she's only pretending." Secretary B pushed her glasses and guessed, "Our CEO's capabili

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