Chapter 652 She Is Jack and Queenie’s Daughter!

Bianca had never expected that the almighty Luke Crawford would leave the mortal world so abruptly. She could not accept that fact. "Please sign here, Mrs. Crawford." Mr. Todd handed Bianca a pen, seeing that she had no response. Bianca took the pen woodenly and stared blankly at the document. Her face displayed pain, agony, and then anger. She was angry that the man might have known that he was going to be in mortal danger, and that was why he had enacted a will before he left. She knew that Luke was loyal to his friends, but could he have spared a thought for her and the children? Was that how he was going to make it up to them? No! He should have returned safely and let Bianca complain to him, not leave her alone to process the shocking news! Bianca threw the pen away angrily and yelled hysterically, "Get lost! Go away! How dare he leave the children and me behind? How could he? I don't need any so-called compensation from him! Not a single cent!" The atmosphere in

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