Chapter 651 Bea, Are You Willing To Stay With Aunt Queenie For A Few Days?

Queenie's gentle expression darkened when she heard Bianca mention Allison. She was angry that Allison had come to the hospital to raise a commotion earlier. She looked at Bianca and said gently, "She was indeed here earlier, but Old Master Crawford chased her away. Bea, I understand that Allison is in a bad mood because she has lost her son, but that doesn't excuse her from acting toward you that way. She wants to get physical on you even though you're pregnant, not to mention that the baby in your womb is her grandchild! I think you shouldn't stay with the Crawfords. How about staying over with me for a while?" Allison had blamed Bianca for what happened to Luke. However, no one had expected that to happen. There was no reason for her to blame Bianca. Moreover, it was already hard enough for Bianca, a heavily pregnant woman, to lose her husband. Did Allison not think of the consequences of getting physical with her? What if Allison's rash actions cost two lives? Queenie u

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