Chapter 650 Bianca Was Hesitant To Say That Name

Seeing that Bianca was awake, Allison choked her neck with both of her hands and shook her. Her venomous gaze was like a knife that threatened to stab her. Bianca was already weak. She instantly became dizzy after being shaken about. Before she could see clearly what was in front of her eyes, she fell into unconsciousness once more. She felt very tired. She wished that she could close her eyes forever. In her dreams, she saw Luke once more. The man's back was tall and straight like a pine tree. Her heart thumped faster at that sight. She ran toward Luke and called out his name. Luke turned around. The man's tightly pressed lips smiled gently at the moment he saw her. Tears welled up in Bianca's eyes. She dared not touch him, lest he disappeared like a reflection in the water. Luke's gaze was loving and indulgent. He slowly walked toward her, held her hands, and kissed them gently with his lips. "Can't you take care of yourself when I'm gone, silly girl?" Bianca'

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