Chapter 649 I Don’t Believe That He’s Dead Until I See His Body

Bianca was knitting a sweater in the mansion. She had to keep busy to distract herself from worrying. After waiting on tenterhooks for two days, she did not receive good news about Luke. Instead, Jason came to visit her at the house. Behind him was an overly handsome man. The two men dragged themselves into the living room with solemn expressions on their faces. Bianca's already haggard eyes from not sleeping well became bloodshot when she saw Jason. She put the knitting needles down and rushed up to Jason. She looked behind the men but did not see Luke. Bianca grabbed Jason's elbow and asked him, "Where's Luke, Mr. Doyle? Why isn't Luke with you?" Jason's eyes were moist. He turned away and averted Bianca's gaze. Behind him, Gordan fell on his knees with a plop. "What are you doing?" Bianca was surprised by that man's sudden actions. Gordan explained to Bianca, "I'm Gordan Norton, Sis. Luke ordered me to change my face not long ago." "So it's you," Bianca said.

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