Chapter 653 One Can Tell That They Are Mother and Daughter At First Glance!

Jack Norman tried to make himself seem as approachable as possible, but he could not totally shed his air as an influential politician. Bianca was intimidated for a short while, perhaps because of Jack's stern expression. She subconsciously huddled closer toward Queenie. Queenie thought that Jack had frightened Bianca, so she frowned at him. Then, she held Bianca's hand and brought her to the seat next to hers. "You can sit here, Bea. Don't be a stranger here. You can treat it as your own house." Old Mr. Norman was dressed in formal wear. He seemed to be in good spirits. He smiled at Bianca while pointing at the seat next to his. "Queenie, let Bea sit beside me. I love to talk to young people," he said to Queenie. Ever since Old Mr. Norman found out that Bianca was his granddaughter, he had hoped to see her someday. Queenie and Bianca had not done their DNA test yet, but he could tell that Queenie and Bianca were mother and daughter. No one would doubt that. Now that

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