Chapter 644 To Queenie, This Is Enough

Even though his hand was saved, Luke thought that he had failed. Gordan should not have agreed to the marriage. If only Gordan could hold on for a few more minutes, Luke believed that they would not have failed in the last step. Luke could guess what Ray was thinking. Ray, as a man standing on the pinnacle of power, should be smart enough to weigh the pros and cons of offending Luke. Luke was sure that Ray would not burn bridges with him, no matter how much he loved his sister. After all, T Corporation was under the Russian government's protection. As the leader of the Russian mafia, Ray would not brazenly challenge the government. That was why Luke gambled that Ray would not want him to cripple himself. Gordan had been too impulsive. Luke shook his head and looked accusingly at Gordan. Gordan did not show any regret. "I won't change my decision." If marrying an ugly woman was all it took to save his good friend's hand, he would not hesitate to do so. Ray was very sat

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