Chapter 645 Bianca Talked While Queenie Listened

A long time later, Queenie coughed gently and composed herself. Bianca handed her a paper towel while gently wiped away her tears with her other hand. "Don't be sad, Aunt Queenie. I believe that things will be better." Queenie was reluctant to turn her gaze away from Bianca's face. Suddenly, she grabbed Bianca's hand as though afraid that Bianca might disappear suddenly. "I've never met my birth daughter before, but she's the same age as you. I believe that she'll be as pretty, sensible, and talented as you…" Bianca felt bad that Queenie was crying. However, she was embarrassed by Queenie's praise. She lowered her head and tucked her hair before saying, "I'm not as good as you think, Aunt Queenie. I have many bad points." Queenie massaged her temples and said caringly, "I like you, no matter how many bad points you might have." Bianca stared at Queenie. She was at a loss. She could not understand Queenie's sudden change in attitude. Other than feeling surprised, she was

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