Chapter 643 Queenie Is Protecting Her

Melissa covered her cheek that was throbbing in pain, and she looked at Xavier in utter disbelief. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she shrieked. "How dare you hit me! This is the second time that you hit me because of that b*tch!" Xavier's expression was ice-cold. "That's enough. You caused a pregnant woman to fall. Don't you know that your action might result in the loss of two lives?" Melissa cackled loudly, not feeling any remorse for what she had done. She grunted coldly and said, "She deserves to die anyway. That's for…" Bianca took a deep breath to calm herself down so that her emotions would not affect the baby in her womb. However, her eyes brimmed with killing intent when her gaze shot toward Melissa. Melissa instinctively took a step backward because of fright. However, she was not going to back away. Instead, her hatred toward Bianca became even stronger when she saw Xavier being protective of Bianca. Melissa raised her hand and prepared to slap Bianca, but a sl

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