Chapter 642 Queenie Saved Bianca...

Bianca did not want to talk to Xavier. She felt that the atmosphere was too awkward. She had tactfully declined Xavier's attempts at striking up a conversation, but Xavier continued to talk as though he did not understand Bianca's words. Nina was exasperated. She wanted to shoo him away, but she did not want to embarrass Bianca. Just when the atmosphere could not have gotten any more awkward, they heard a shrill and coy voice. " I say, Cousin Xavier, I tried to look for you, but it turns out that you're having an intimate rendezvous with this seductress! How could you? You promised me that you won't ever look for her, so what's going on now?" Bianca's expression changed slightly. She turned to look in the direction of the voice and saw Melissa, whom she had not met for a long time. Melissa was dressed in a glittering gown, and she wore delicate make-up on her face. She was walking toward the table while twisting her waist. Xavier's expression changed drastically the moment he

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