Chapter 641 You’re Nothing But A Stranger To Me Now

At the shopping mall. Nina tried on one outfit after another but did not find one that she liked. It was rare that Nina was so excited over shopping, and so she did not disturb her. She sat on the couch, feeling rather bored. Half an hour later, the sales clerk was still recommending clothes for Nina. Bianca strolled over to the men's section nearby. She saw an elegant black windbreaker on display and reached out to touch it. An observant sales clerk noticed her. She quickly walked up to Bianca and asked eagerly, "Madam, are you planning to buy it for your husband? This is the latest limited edition design, and it looks very well on tall men. How tall is your husband?" "He is six-foot-four and weighs 160 pounds," Bianca answered without thinking. The sales clerk opened her mouth wide. "Wow, your husband is probably a model! You're beautiful, Madam, and I believe your husband must be handsome too. The windbreaker must look good on him." Bianca smiled. The string of zer

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