Chapter 638 Be Good and Wait For My Return

Luke stared at Bianca's face with a doubtful expression. He could not help but chuckle when he saw how serious she was. He tucked her hair behind her ear and said gently, "You should accept Mrs. Norman's hospitality to you. She's your birth mother after all. It's better than giving you the cold shoulder, isn't it?" He thought that his woman was intelligent, but she could be confused sometimes. Bianca buried her face in his chest and said, "I know that Mrs. Norman is my birth mother, but she doesn't know that I'm her daughter. I'm afraid that I can't control myself if I interact too much with her…" Luke scraped the bridge of her nose with a fingernail and smiled. "Why are you so unconfident about yourself, hmm? You don't have to worry about anything. After all, she…" Before he could finish his sentence, his phone started to ring abruptly. It was an unknown foreign number. Luke answered the call. Someone was panting heavily on the other end of the call as though trying to c

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