Chapter 639 Why Is That Man So Uncaring

Bianca stood in a daze in front of the window. The scene of Luke's car speeding away replayed in her mind. She felt both sad and angry. She was also aggrieved that the man did not care about her feelings at all. Bianca knew that Gordan had risked a lot when he saved Luke. Not only did Gordan perform plastic surgery on his face, but he had also taken the fall for a crime he did not commit. She knew that Luke was duty-bound to save Gordan, but did he ever spare a thought for him and the children? Gordan might have gone to prison because of Luke, but Luke eventually found a way to free him as well as get the Italian mafia to stop hunting him down. Was that not enough? The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She hugged her knees and buried her red face between her legs. Even though she was angry, she could not help but feel worried. What if something really happened to him? The caretaker saw that Bianca was in a bad mood. She put the vacuum cleaner in her ha

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