Chapter 637 You'll Be In Trouble

Linda's office. Leia rushed to her office with her skirt in hand, asking right away, "Linda, how did someone steal my role? Why did the director say that I’ve been replaced when the drama is about to start filming?" Linda looked distressed as well. "How do I know? That's the arrangement from the higher-ups. Leia, you've been causing too much trouble lately! You're too brash..." God knew she thought her career would soar since she was managing an actress who came from a formidable background and status. However, she did not expect that the innocent image she had worked so hard to create for Leia over the years would be ruined by Leia herself. Who could give her an explanation for this? Leia slammed her hand on Linda's desk and looked at her sarcastically. "Brash? I've been low-key enough these days. How am I brash when I've been resting at home for so long? Linda, have you been slacking off? Look at the roles you've gotten me. They're either annoying second female leads or roles in

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