Chapter 636 Bianca Would Return To The Norman Family

The hospital. She had no idea if it was because the air conditioning in the room was a little low, but Bianca felt a little chilly. She carefully covered Wanda with the blanket and turned up the temperature of the air conditioner. Then, she sat beside her aunt and quietly watched the woman who had fallen asleep while receiving her infusion. Although Bianca's face seemed calm, she was worried. 'How on earth can I persuade Aunt Wanda to have the operation?' While she was lost in thought, the ding of her phone notified her that she had received a few Facebook messages. Worrying that it was about work, Bianca quickly took out her phone and clicked on it. Apart from several notifications that automatically popped up from the Facebook pages she had subscribed to, there was also a message from Queenie. Bianca curiously clicked it and Queenie's message popped up before her. Queenie: [Mrs. Rayne, this is Aunt Queenie. I hope you don't mind me disturbing you. I like the style and design

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