Chapter 606 Remember What I Said Today!

On the other hand, in the Norman family. At about 11 p.m., Mr. Norman and his wife had already gone to bed. Their biological clock was always on time. In a luxurious pink princess room, Leia was soaking her feet in a milk bath with flower petals like a proud princess. She beckoned to Julie and ordered her like she was a servant, "Come here and wash my feet!" Julie came up to her with an indifferent face and crouched down. Leia smirked proudly, thinking she was going to serve her. She stretched out her foot to her. Unexpectedly, Julie picked up the basin and threw it on Leia's body. "Wash your feet? Who do you think you are?" Leia was suddenly splashed with her own foot bath. The petals and milk made her a mess. She was instantly furious. She grabbed Julie's hair hard, screaming, "How dare you splash my foot bath on me?" Leia was too aggressive. Although Julie dodged back a little, Leia still managed to grab her hair and her scalp instantly burned with pain. Leia looked down a

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