Chapter 605 Money Makes The Mare Go

It was almost time to leave work. The conference room in T Corporation. There were 20 or so people in the conference room. There were a mix of older and younger people as well as both men and women. However, most of them were older. There were only a few young business elites, but they were undeniably T Corporation's great talents. Dressed in a couture suit, Luke sat calmly at the head of the table. The man's tall height and impressive aura made him particularly eye-catching. Everyone sat around the conference table in order, discussing business. However, except for Luke, there was a somewhat distressed look on everyone's faces. The silence lasted about ten minutes. It lasted until Jenson Zook, a gray-haired senior member of the company, finally spoke in exasperation, "Mr. Crawford, I refuse the proposal to acquire Easy. Our company is mainly involved in technology, real estate, chemical engineering, international trade, finance, and so on. Our properties have expanded everywh

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