Chapter 607 He Won't Let Her Off Easily This Time!

The sunset was picturesque. In a cafe near T Corporation, the elegant tune from a piano sounded soft and smooth. It did not interrupt the customers' whispered conversations. Bianca was quite familiar with the cafe as she had been here more than once. Both the environment and the service here were top-notch, perfect for talking business. She had negotiated with a few clients here before for collaboration. However, this time... Bianca stirred the steaming cup of coffee in front of her with a spoon but did not feel like drinking it. After a moment's hesitation, she spoke her mind anyway, "Julie, I invited you out here to ask you something." Julie, who was opposite Bianca, had light makeup on. She was excited for the family reunion banquet tomorrow and did not notice Bianca's unusual behavior. She looked at her watch somewhat impatiently, saying, "Bianca, you can just go ahead and say it. My mom asked me to go home early after work. She said she’d take me to the store to pick out a

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