Chapter 598 Jealousy!

There was dead silence in the villa. Old Master Crawford was frowning while keeping quiet. He knew in his heart that it was pointless to hide Luke’s driver's license. If Luke insisted on obtaining a marriage license with Bianca, he would find a way to get his driver's license. He had always wanted an arranged marriage for Luke, just like he did with Zachary. Old Master Crawford believed in business interests rather than true love. However, Old Master Crawford was acutely aware that Luke was not like his cowardly father. He was strong and assertive, not at all as easy to control. Moreover, his grandson was king of the corporate world. Meanwhile, Old Master Crawford was getting weaker as time passed. Old Master Crawford eventually warmed up to the idea. He believed that Luke would be more responsible after he married Bianca. Luke and Bianca had three children together, so if he continued to object, that would only lead his grandson to rebel! Given the s

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