Chapter 597 There Is No Use Objecting

Allison was unhappy when she thought of the possibility that her son had registered his marriage with Bianca without informing Old Master Crawford. However, she felt slightly more relieved when she remembered that Old Master Crawford had kept Luke's driver's license in a secure place. Old Master Crawford had been prejudiced against Bianca ever since she rejected Luke's proposal. He would not allow his grandson to marry Bianca! Luke walked with Bianca over to the couch and sat down. "Grandfather," he greeted Old Master Crawford. "Mm," Old Master Crawford replied. The harsh lines on his face became gentle when he glanced at Bianca's bulging stomach. "The stomach is already so big. Did the doctor say when's the expected date of delivery?" Luke held Bianca's hand and said gently, "The expected delivery date is October 26th." "That's coming soon. Don't let her go to work, and get her to stay at home and rest. She shouldn't overwork herself; there's not much money to be made anyw

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