Chapter 596 Bianca Has the Right To Know the Truth

Birth mother? Bianca's heart was in her throat. She looked at Luke excitedly. "Do you mean my birth mother is also in A City? Have you… found her?" Bianca knew that Allison was not her birth mother, and a DNA test had proven that she and Luke were not siblings. It was pure agony when Allison had lied to her that she was Luke's sister. Now that the misunderstanding was resolved, she did not have to experience that mental torment anymore. However, she wished that she could find her real birth mother and desired to be loved as a daughter. She did not tell that to anyone. Luke's gaze was profound and confident as he stared at Bianca. "I have indeed found your birth mother. You've also met her more than once." The man's slender fingers caressed Bianca's petite face, and he noticed the anticipation and excitement in her eyes. His deep eyes did not show any obvious emotion, but Bianca could sense his hesitation. Indeed, Luke was hesitating. Once Bianca knew who her birth mot

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