Chapter 595 Would You Want To Meet Your Birth Mother, Bianca?

The emcees noticed that Lanie and Ranie Crawford were first prize winners. Especially the brother, who had won six first prizes by himself. They invited their mother to come on stage for an interview, hoping that she would share her thoughts on raising her kids. Bianca walked up the stage. Everyone exclaimed when they saw that Bianca was pregnant. She seemed too young to be a mother. From her face, she looked like a college graduate and not like the mother of two, no, three children. The female emcee helped Bianca get on stage and brought her microphone in front of Bianca. "Good day to you, Madam Rayne. You are Blanche Crawford and Rainie Crawford's mother. You must've taught them well so that they could win so many awards. Can you share your thoughts and experiences with the parents here? Also, do you have any hopes for your children's future?" Queenie furrowed her brows when she saw Bianca. She still could not forgive Bianca and Luke for hurting Leia. However, she fel

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