Chapter 594 My Son, Can’t You Be Humble?

After the opening ballet performance, a pair of male and female emcees walked up the stage and delivered their opening speech. "Respected administrators and dear guests, it is our honor today to welcome you to the award ceremony of our school…" At the end of the speech was the award ceremony. The emcees announced the third-prize and second-prize winners first. The vice-principal and the various heads of department awarded the trophies to the students. Every named student went up the stage excitedly. The school was the most renowned private school in A City, and every student there came from a wealthy and influential family. The school had the best educational infrastructure and teachers, and the students were naturally intelligent and talented. It was evident that being an ace student there was not an easy feat. All the students who went up the stage were excited and proud, while their parents in the audience shared their glory. Bianca waited patiently for Rainie's turn

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