Chapter 599 I’m Thankful For You

At home, in the bedroom. The light-colored curtains were blowing in the night breeze, and the temperature tonight was a bit cooler. Bianca looked at Luke who was smoking on the balcony with a frown. Since she got pregnant, he had quit smoking at home. Bianca knew that he must be in a bad mood. She quietly walked over, grabbed the half-burned cigarette from his hand, and pinched it out in the ashtray. She looked at him accusingly before putting her arms around his waist. "You promised me that you’d quit. You broke your promise." Luke’s eyes were dark, and he hid the complex emotions he was feeling. He took off his coat and put it on Bianca, saying slowly, "Sorry, I was a little out of control today. I promise it won’t happen again." Bianca wanted to ask him about his private conversation with Allison earlier in the day as she was not sure what led to the tension between them. However, she kept her questions to herself when she noticed Luke’s

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