Chapter 580 Luke’s Murderous Intent!

Melody hated Bianca to the bone! Bianca's appearance had caused her academic ranking to fall from number one to number two! Not only was Bianca a better student academically, but she had also snatched the title of homecoming queen from Melody! Even those boys who had courted Melody had shifted their affections to Bianca! Back then, when she saw Bianca in the nightclub, she wanted to call her out on the spot. She left the country soon after that and only returned a few days ago. Ever since then, she had been thinking of how to get back at Bianca! She was caught off-guard by Bianca's response! How could that woman be so unperturbed when being humiliated in public? Melody was losing her composure! To prevent herself from being embarrassed, she made up an excuse and went to the washroom. On the other hand, Saul became more interested in Bianca after she had proudly admitted to her "special job." After Melody left, Saul's eyes were transfixed on Bianca's beautiful face.

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