Chapter 579 In Her Anger, She Was At A Loss For Words!

On the luxurious couch in the private room. Jim hugged the woman on his lap more tightly and landed a heavy kiss on her red lips. "Lulu dear, you really know how to make me happy!" He took out a thick stack of cash from his wallet. Then, he stuffed the cash into Lulu's wide-open neckline. "Those look like the real deal." "You're so naughty, Mr. Holston!" Lulu pretended to be shy and playfully punched Jim's chest. She looked smugly at the other women, who were looking at her enviously. Sitting opposite Luke was Percy, who was playing a dice game with an indifferent expression on his face. The other player was a handsome gentleman. The people looked at Luke, then at the grim-faced Percy. They knew that Luke was not interested in other women because he was a prude and a clean freak. Meanwhile, Percy's reasons seemed to be queer in comparison. His sexual orientation had long been a topic of discussion. There were even rumors that he was gay and that he harbored all ty

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