Chapter 581 Luke’s Brazen Declaration of Love!

"It's not like that, Mr. Crawford! Bianca was the shameless one to seduce my brother-in-law, and that's why he dared to make a move on her. That kind of woman is pretentious and fake. Don't be fooled by her innocent looks!" Melissa was distorting the truth to help Saul. The Lerche family was trying to get on the Blatt family's good side. If her elder sister successfully married Saul, Lerche Corporation would grow to greater heights! Naturally, her social status as a daughter of the Lerche family would be elevated too! "Ms. Lerche, do you think that I'm blind or deaf?" Luke shot Melissa a side-eye. The icy gaze filled with killing intent caused Mellisa to shudder uncontrollably. Bianca laughed out of anger. She also glared coldly at Melissa. "You really know how to lie through your teeth, Ms. Lerche. The father of the baby in my womb is tall and handsome. He's the pinnacle of masculinity. If he loves me, why would I be interested in a shallow pig?" Jason laughed up his sleeve.

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