Chapter 576 Tampered With It!

Queenie jumped off her seat like a spring. She looked at Shakira. Her expression changed, and she asked excitedly, "Is... Is that true? But why didn't Ol’ Norman and I find anything useful when we looked into it?" Shakira poured Queenie a glass of water and asked her to sit down. She speculated, "Did someone delete Vyen's profile because they didn't want you to find anything out? It must be that Allison woman... My husband works at customs, so I pulled some strings and checked Vyen’s recent immigration records. She has been living abroad for more than 20 years and is now a naturalized foreign citizen. I heard she came back to A City to visit her relatives." Queenie muttered, "Vyen went abroad more than 20 years ago? Shakira, is Vyen still in A City? I want to go look for her now!" As she spoke, Queenie grabbed her car keys, dragged Shakira along, and was about to hurry out. Shakira stopped her in time and advised petulantly, "Queen, are you out of your mind? Vyen has already left

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