Chapter 575 Found Out About The Delivery!

Over on the other side. Leia was sleeping amid a pile of stuffed dolls in the cozily decorated room, her body kicking and thrashing in various contorted positions. "Ah! Snakes! Help!" Her eyes instantly opened, her pupils wide and filled with horror. She dreamed of countless snakes coiling around her neck, choking her. Some of them opened their mouths to tear her to pieces! The maid, who was cleaning, heard Leia's screams. She immediately put down the vacuum cleaner, wanting to run to Leia's room to check on her. However, a figure in high heels dashed straight into Leia's room faster than her! Queenie unlocked the door from the outside and took Leia, who was in bed, into her arms. "Leia, did you have another nightmare? Mom's here. Good girl, don't be afraid..." Leia nestled in Queenie's arms. "Mom, I'm so scared. Now that my career and reputation are gone, I'm even afraid to go outside. Is my life over?" Queenie wiped her tears with a broken heart and gently chided her, "Nonse

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