Chapter 574 Whose Child Is She?

With mixed feelings, Wanda grabbed Bianca's blood test report and read it several times. When she saw Bianca's blood type clearly labeled ‘type O’, her hand shook a little as she clutched the paper. "Aunt Wanda, are you okay? Is there a problem?" Bianca sensed something was wrong with Wanda and walked up to read the report with her a little nervously. "No... Nothing..." Wanda tried hard to control her emotions. "Kirby, the hospital's blood tests can't be wrong, can they?" Kirby irritatedly rolled her eyes at Wanda as she rearranged the medical records on her desk. She said rather proudly, "Wanda, our hospital has never had a single medical error." Wanda closed her eyes and tried to remember the incident more than 20 years ago. ... More than 20 years ago, she was studying in Japan to pursue her dream. As she knew her family was poor, aside from attending classes, she also did odd jobs to earn her tuition fees and living expenses. One day, she received a letter from her elder br

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