Chapter 573 How Could Bianca Be Type O Blood?

Bianca glanced at Queenie after hearing what the nurse said. She smiled and explained, "You got it wrong. She's Mrs. Norman. We're not mother and daughter..." The young nurse pulled the needle out of Queenie's arm and said somewhat awkwardly, "Oh, sorry, but you look so similar I mistook you for mother and daughter..." Bianca smiled and thought nothing of it. However, Queenie, who was beside her, became stiff. She glanced meaningfully at Bianca and wondered why people who met her and Bianca for the first time all mistook them for a pair of mother and daughter. 'Shakira said this when she first met Bianca. Even the young nurse who’s drawing the blood said the same. ‘Could we really be mother and daughter?' A bold guess came to Queenie's mind. However, she quickly shook her head in denial. Many people looked alike in this world. How could they have mistaken them as mother and daughter just because they were similar in appearance? If they followed this fallacy, with so many simi

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