Chapter 577 A Pushover? I'm Afraid They're Going To Be Disappointed!

Bianca thought about it for a while and eventually replied. Bianca: [I’ll see how it goes. I'll try to make time for it.] She wanted to see what Melody was up to. It took a long time before Melody replied with a cheeky smile emoji. Melody: [I look forward to seeing you, Ms. Rayne. Many of our classmates are eager to see you again! We're holding the gathering in Endless Night. I'll send you the address.] Then, Melody sent Bianca an address and a private room number. Bored, Bianca leaned over her desk with her phone in her hand. She did not think her classmates were looking forward to meeting her like what Melody said. After all, other than getting good grades, she was a dull person to be around back in school. She had even suffered the same high school emotional abuse she suffered in junior high because of her unlikeable personality. Melody was considered one of the instigators of her emotional abuse. Bianca cupped her cheeks with her hands and continued to wonder. 'Do those cl

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