Chapter 562 I Have No Retort To That...

Luke and the others drove their cars to Misty Mountain. Misty Mountain boasted fantastic scenery. The mountain was shrouded in clouds and mist all year round, as though it was part of a fantasy dreamscape. Every year, it attracted tourists from many countries. Surrounded by several mountain peaks was a waterfall with a lake at the bottom. The water was clear and reflected the blueness of the sky, which was why it was called Azure Waterfall. The group of people went to the Cottage in the Clouds, a popular lodge located next to Azure Waterfall. It was built entirely with logs, though the interior was spacious and comfortable. The owner of the lodge was a young couple. They seemed to be loving toward each other. The male was tall and gentlemanly, while the female was beautiful and diligent. They were dressed in unique ethnic wear. They received Luke, Bianca, and the others with warm smiles. Even though they could see that the guests were dressed in luxurious clothes, they di

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