Chapter 561 The Tyrant’s Threat...

Late at night. Bianca was dreaming of being framed for cheating on the test. In the dream, Bella was pointing condescendingly at herself and shouting at her that she was a shameless cheater! The crowd around her were looking at her impassively. Some of them were even laughing and insulting her together with Bella! No one believed that she was innocent! "No, I'm not…" Bianca was flustered. She tried to explain to the people around her, but no one believed her. "Bianca, you cheater, you've ruined your future. Don't ever think of becoming an architect ever again. I say, people like you don't deserve to live!" Bella in the dream was laughing maliciously. Suddenly, she opened her bloody mouth and morphed into a fanged beast. It pounced toward Bianca and reached for her neck. "No! I didn't cheat! Why doesn't anyone believe me?" Bianca screamed in panic and suddenly opened her eyes. The scenes in the nightmare were still fresh in her mind. Her heart was thumping wildly, an

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